How Frequently Is Pest Control Needed

Factors Affecting the Frequency of Pest Control Visits

Nobody wants to share their space with creepy crawlies or flying pests.

But how often do we need professional help? Well, there are a few things that affect the frequency of visits required from regular pest control services including pest inspections.

Homes located in rural can expect a lesser severity as well as fewer visits from the expert pest controllers at Eco Pest Control Perth for their issue.

A. Location of property

The location of your home nd building size are significant considerations that determines the intensity and duration of common pest infestation like termites. In an urban environment close to general households with food waste, chances are higher of recurring issues due to easy access. Whereas homes located in rural can expect a lesser severity as well as fewer frequent visits from expert pest controllers for their issues.

B. Age of Property

When it comes to the age of your home, older homes may require more frequent visits from a reliable pest control service like termite inspection, regular visit, and monthly treatment. This is because over time,, there are chances that certain areas may have positive effects on pests and insects. Like leakages that could attract termites or other such populations.

C. Type of pest

The pest type infestation dictates the kind of solution needed. For example, if you are dealing with termites or flying pests and insects like bees and wasps, experts have different treatments for each problem. Whereas if ants and bedbugs become a problem, the team can apply specialised pest control treatments to get rid of them. Such as baiting systems for ants and high-powered vacuum cleaners to remove eggs and live beds from carpets and furniture.

D. Extent of the infestation

The extent of the infestation is also another consideration that indicates the frequency of visits and cost of pest control, whether monthly or bi-monthly. The extent of pest infestation and insects is determined by inspection conducted by expert pest controllers. They use thermal imaging and advanced electronic tools to detect hidden structural damage. Also exterminate bugs from getting a stronghold across several areas.

E. Weather conditions

Weather conditions also play a part in determining the frequency of visits. If there is an expected increase in rainfall, this might create an influx of moisture in any property that may attract termites. However, pest control experts and any pest business can evaluate your home and recommend some pest preventive measures that can help avoid any future flooding.


Can regular maintenance help avoid any future issues?

Absolutely. Regularly scheduled visits every 12 months from professional pest control companies ensure that any potential signs and areas. This may need treatment are addressed immediately. Helping lessen the impact of future infestations and ensuring your home stays pest and insect free for longer.

How can I prevent any pest infestation in my house?

Pest control professionals suggest restricting access to the property by sealing cracks and crevices around all doors, and windows. It is also important to ensure that your home is neatly maintained. With no food particles or waste lying around which may encourage pest activity like termite infestation.

What if the solution doesn’t work?

Pest control experts offer a unique ‘No Quit’ policy when it comes to their services. Like regular pest inspection and one time visit, where if a solution doesn’t produce successful results. Then an additional complimentary treatment can be provided free of cost.


In conclusion, it is vital to take guidance from professionals whenever needed.

Professionals pride themselves in their genuine commitment to providing certified solutions that are tailored to your specific situation.

While considering the necessary considerations like location, age, type of treatment, type of unwanted pest and insects, extent of the infestation, and weather conditions.

So when it comes to keeping your home pest-free, professionals can be trusted for jobs done right the first time around.