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Unwanted birds making a mess? Dealing with aggressive swooping or noises? Don’t worry! Eco Pest Control Perth understands how frustrating bird problems can be. As fully licensed and insured professionals with over 10 years of experience, we offer effective, humane bird prevention and removal services for homes and businesses across Perth.

Our bird removal technicians use industry-leading techniques to safely and humanely discourage them from nesting, roosting, or feeding on your property. Customised solutions can include bird netting, spike strips, sound/light devices, habitat modification and more. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee and long-term warranties, you can trust us to solve your problem for good.

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Our Experience and Expertise

With over a decade of experience, our licensed techs have seen and solved every type of bird infestation. We understand their behavior and biology to create customised solutions. From noisy mynahs to aggressive magpies, trust us to humanely solve your problem.

The Trouble with Birds

They can cause several public liability risks including:

  • Health risks from unsightly droppings and feathers
  • Property damage from nesting and scratching
  • Noise pollution from squawking and fluttering
  • Safety issues from swooping and divebombing

We use humane scare products and modifications to make your home or business bird-unfriendly. This drives them away for good without harming them.

Our Solution

Eco Pest Control uses a combination of scare products like:

  • Bird spike strips
  • Ultrasonic bird repellers
  • Falcon bird kites and owl effigies
  • Laser lights
  • Netting and wire barriers
  • Habitat modification

We focus on humane dispersal for lasting results. Our techs custom design solutions for each unique situation.

Common Species

Some bird species we often deal with include:

  • Indian mynahs
  • Noisy miners
  • Ravens
  • Plovers
  • Magpies
  • Pigeons
  • Starlings

Signs of Infestation

Watch for:

  • Lots of noises and fluttering
  • Bird droppings and feathers around
  • Nests in trees, guttering or AC units
  • Aggressive swooping in season
  • Scratches on property

Take action before wide range of infestations grow. Early intervention means easier removal.

How To Get Rid Of Them

For DIY dispersal, try:

  • Scare tape
  • Fake predator decoys
  • Ultrasonic repellers

But for best results, hire Eco Pest Control. Our expert techs use:

  • Falcon kites and owl effigies
  • Laser lights
  • Netting, wires and spike strips
  • Population reduction when necessary
  • Habitat modification

DIY Versus Professional

DIY methods give partial, temporary relief. But our customised commercial-grade solutions offer complete removal and prevention. With licenses, insurance and years of experience, we get faster and longer-lasting results.

Our Bird Proofing Services

Eco Pest Control offers range of proofing option:

  • Inspections
  • Custom humane dispersal plans
  • Bird net installation
  • Spike installation
  • Laser bird deterrents
  • Falcon kite installation
  • Population reduction when needed
  • Habitat modification
  • Gutter mesh installation
  • Post-treatment monitoring
  • Ongoing maintenance plans
  • Hot silicone


How do you remove birds humanely?

We use scare tactics and habitat modification to make areas undesirable for birds without harming them. Netting, spike strips, predator kites and noises encourage them to leave and not return.

What are spike strips?

Plastic spike strips make surfaces uncomfortable for them to land on. We install them on ledges, AC units, signage and more. The blunt strips don’t harm birds but deter roosting.

Will noise devices work in controlling birds?

Ultrasonic repellers, predator sounds, banging and other noises may temporarily scare some birds. But species like mynahs and miners quickly adapt. So sound should be part of a multifaceted solution.

Do you use poisons or kill birds?

No. We always focus on humane bird deterrents first for removal and prevention. Only government bodies can legally use poisons or culling as an absolute last resort.

Glowing Reviews

“Eco Pest Control Perth got rid of the noisy miners that used to wake us every morning. Our building is now blissfully quiet thanks to their humane treatment.” – John, Como

“The magpies were so aggressive during swooping season. Eco Pest Control installed wire barriers so we can now enjoy our garden spike-free!” – John, Como

“Pigeon faeces and feathers used to cover our offices and roof voids. But the team from Eco Pest Control installed nets and spikes, solving our bird problem.” – John, Como

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