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What exactly is pest control?

The most basic definition of pest control is that it is a set of processes that keep unwanted insects, rodents and other critters outside of your home and business. Some of these may cause extensive damage if not dealt with promptly, while others can carry disease. Controlling pests keeps your family, home and business safe and gives you peace of mind.

How often should I have pest treatment?

We recommend professional pest treatments at least once a year for an average size house.

When should I hire a pest controller??

The simple answer is right now. Preventing pest problems before they spiral out of control and become major issues is always the best option. Even if you can´t see the pests, they may be lurking in hidden corners doing untold damage. A pest inspection will determine the nature and extent of the problems and the most effective treatments.

Does pest control really work?

Yes, it does, provided the company you use has the knowledge and experience to identify the pests you’re having issues with and devises a proper treatment plan.

Will the chemicals harm children?

The treatments and sprays that we use to eradicate pests will not harm your children.

Is pest treatment safe for pets?

Not all chemicals and approaches are safe for pets. Therefore, it is essential to engage the services of a company that uses treatments that are safe for the entire family, including pets.

Do I need to prepare my home for a pest treatment?

The steps you need to take to prepare your home depend on the type of pests and the deployed treatments. When you engage our services, we will give you specific instructions. For example, if the treatment is outside, we will ask you to remove debris from around your property´s exterior walls.

How long does the service take?

Different situations and different types of treatments take different time intervals. Some pest problems need more time to resolve than others. For example, a mouse or rat problem typically requires multiple visits. However, an issue with ants can be resolved within a couple of hours.

How much does it cost?

This largely depends on the type of problem and the size of the property. However, to give you a ballpark figure, pest control for an average three-bedroom home starts at around $220.

Can I do anything to prevent termites from getting inside my home?

There are several things you can do to protect your home. They include:

  • Getting rid of excess moisture in your home
  • Fixing leaks
  • Maintaining a distance between soil and wood in your garden
  • Decluttering your home

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