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As a homeowner in Perth, you know all too well the nuisance of dealing with ticks on your property. These pesky little bugs can completely ruin your ability to enjoy your outdoor living spaces. We understand how frustrating it is to have your peace and tranquility disrupted by concerns over Lyme disease exposure or your pets bringing them inside. At Eco Pest Control Perth, we have over a decade of experience helping Australian homes tackle their tick infestations. We are fully licensed and insured tick control experts dedicated to providing effective, convenient and affordable solutions.

Leveraging the latest products and effective methods, our pest control services focus on extermination, prevention and protection to give you lasting relief.

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Our Experience and Expertise

Over 10 years of tick pest control experience in Perth. Our licensed techs have safely treated thousands of properties.

The Trouble

  • They can transmit dangerous illnesses like Lyme disease
  • Pets and kids are especially vulnerable to bites
  • They can be difficult to fully remove and can infect you
  • Tick populations are growing due to dry climate change

Our Solution -Elimination & Protection Plans

  • Property assessment to identify problem areas
  • Targeted chemical treatments to kill active ticks
  • Preventative yard spraying solutions
  • Natural tick repellents to protect your family and pets
  • Follow-up checks to ensure elimination success

About Ticks

There are over 80 loads of tick species in Australia. Common problematic parasites in Perth include:

  • Brown dog tick
  • Paralysis tick
  • Scrub
  • Bush
  • American Dog Tick

They need a blood meal to survive.

Signs of a Tick Infestation

  • Tick bites on family members or pets
  • Finding them crawling on walls or furniture
  • Discovering them on clothing after being outside
  • Itchy skin reactions, rashes, joint pain or flu-like symptoms

How To Get Rid of Them

  • Professional chemical control by licensed techs (best option)
  • Meticulous yard cleaning and landscaping
  • Natural repellents like eucalyptus or lemon grass oil

DIY Pest Control vs Professional Pest Control

DIY methods rarely eliminate infestations fully. Our pro treatment plans are more thorough, using stronger chemicals, to remove growth of ticks, spiders and other pests from your entire property.

Tick Pest Control Services

  • Pest inspection and property assessment
  • Targeted chemical extermination
  • Preventative liquid spray treatments
  • Natural repellents
  • Post-treatment checks
  • Written service reports & warranties


What diseases do ticks transmit?

In Australia, they can spread Q fever, tick typhus, Flinders Island spotted fever and Australian paralysis. Overseas types transmit Lyme disease.

How do I safely remove a tick?

Use fine-tipped tweezers to grasp the head as close to the skin as possible. Pull straight up slowly and avoid crushing the tick’s body.

Are all ticks dangerous to pets?

Paralysis secrete a toxin that can paralyze and even kill animals. Any bite can cause infection or abscesses.

Can you service my business for pest control?

Yes, we treat infestations at commercial undertaking sites like offices, warehouses, hotels etc. Prevention is vital in workplaces.

Do you need entry permission in a personal residence?

We require consent before applying any pest control chemicals in personal living spaces due to medical threat. Interior flea treatments are sometimes necessary depending on the infestation’s severity and location on your private space.

Rave Reviews

“The Eco Pest Control team eliminated my stubborn problem. Now my dog can play in the garden again without getting bitten constantly. 5 stars!” – Jane, Mosman Park

“I used to find them crawling on my walls and beds nearly every day. Eco Pest Control got rid of them all in one thorough pest treatment. Well worth the reasonable price!” – Sam, Duncraig

“My young son had a nasty reaction to tick bites. Eco Pest Control’s tick inspection and prevention spray kept our yard pest-free for over 6 months now. I highly recommend them!” – Emma, Sorrento

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