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Tired of those pesky roaches invading your home? We feel your frustration. At Eco Pest Control Perth, we’ve been helping Aussies get rid of cockroaches for over 10 years. With our full licensing, insurance, warranty and satisfaction guarantee, you can trust us to kick those critters to the curb.

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With advanced techniques and solutions, we don’t just control roaches, we offer lasting prevention. Our thorough yet efficient process causes minimal disruption to your routine. And we stand behind our work 100%.

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Our Expertise Keeps Roaches at Bay

We’ve spent years mastering advanced techniques to rid homes of cockroaches and keep them away. Our effective cockroach pest control specialists can tackle any situation with customised solutions that are:


We use the latest methods and scientifically-formulated products for proven elimination.


Our precision treatments target nesting areas while minimizing disruption inside your home.


By getting to the root of infestations, we provide long-term prevention.

What Makes Roaches Such a Nuisance

Cockroaches can multiply at staggering rates if left unchecked. And they spread germs, trigger allergies, and damage household items as they search for food. Highly resilient, they can squeeze into tiny cracks and withstand harsh conditions. Some key risks include:

  • Bacteria, Viruses, Parasites – they transmit E. coli, salmonella, dysentery and more.
  • Allergens – Their waste and shedded body parts provoke asthma and skin allergic reactions.
  • Contamination – They leave traces wherever they go―including food surfaces.
  • Structural Harm – They eat materials like book bindings, wallpapers, and furniture.

Our Difference

We have many treatments to get rid of and stop them returning. After fully checking your property, we create a custom plan that may have:

Non-Chemical Approaches

  • Heat treatments
  • Freezing agents
  • Natural dusts

Targeted Applications

  • Gel baits
  • Liquid sprays
  • Dusts and powders
  • Growth regulators
  • Bait stations

Follow-Up Care

  • Monitoring traps
  • Re-applications as needed
  • Advice for proofing home

Cockroach Types and Signs

There are over 4,000 species of cockroach globally. Most fall into one of these common pest types:

German Cockroaches

The smallest variety, usually found hiding near food prep areas.

American Cockroaches

Larger, often living outdoors but can enter structures.

Oriental Cockroaches

Nocturnal and attracted to moist areas like basements and pipes.

Australian Cockroaches

Outdoor-dwelling bush roaches that occasionally move inside.

Signs of an infestation may include:

  • Roach sightings, especially at night
  • Unpleasant odmy
  • Molted skins and egg casing
  • Fecal matter smears
  • Hollowed out food remnants

If you spot any of these indicators, take action right away!

Regain Pest-Free Comfort

Tired of dealing with them? As licensed pros, we have proven ways to:

  • Inspect and find all nesting spots
  • Kill egg sacks before they hatch
  • Stop them from reproducing
  • Prevent them from coming back
  • Offer ongoing maintenance

Trust our expertise for a roach-free home. Relax once more.

Can I Manage Roaches Myself?

You can try DIY traps, powder or chemical sprays from hardware stores. But they rarely work well or long-term. They multiply fast, hide well, and become resistant. Without getting all nests and entries, you won’t gain control. Let us handle it!

Our Cockroach Elimination Services

We offer a full range of professional removal and prevention solutions including:

  • Initial inspections – We thoroughly check your home to locate all nesting areas and entry points.
  • Customised treatments – After assessing the specifics of your infestation, we design a tailored plan to destroy eggs, larvae and adult roaches.
  • Non-chemical cockroach control service – Where appropriate, we use natural steps like heat, freezing agents, desiccant dusts and essential oils to safely eliminate them.
  • Conventional treatments – Our precision liquid sprays, gels, cockroach baits, dusts and growth regulators are scientifically-formulated for proven roach eradication.
  • Crack and crevice cockroach pest control treatments – We use specialised equipment and techniques to apply products deep into hiding spots.
  • Attic cockroach control – For heavy nesting areas, we furnish inspections and applications to roof voids and attic spaces.
  • Cockroach proofing – We identify and seal up entry ways into the home to prevent future infestations after the initial treatment phase.
  • Cockroach prevention plans – Ongoing monitoring, treatments when required and annual maintenance help ensure they don’t return.

Rely on our years of training and cockroach elimination know-how for best results. We have all the tools and procedures to free your home from them once and for all!


How soon can you get rid of my roaches?

Results depend on the infestation size. But normally we eliminate all visible roaches on first treatment. We’ll keep checking for stragglers.

What preparation is needed before your visit?

Just make treatment areas accessible. We’ll handle the rest, using targeted ways with little disruption. We’ll discuss any specific prep when booking.

What can I do to help prevent roaches coming back?

Keep kitchen and bath areas dry, fix leaks fast, install door sweeps, seal cracks, declutter cardboard, use lidded bins, and call us for yearly maintenance.

Do your cockroach killers work on all types of roaches?

Yes, our professional grade control products are specially designed to effectively eliminate american roaches, german roaches, oriental roaches and all the other cockroach species found around Perth homes. We customise your treatment to target the specific varieties you have.

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“Truly impressed with the professionalism and attention to detail from Eco. No more roaches, spiders, or ants in my home!” – Jay R., Inglewood

“I highly recommend these guys if you want to get rid of cockroaches fast. Their cockroach treatment actually worked and I’m no longer creeped out in my own home.” – Danielle S., Northbridge

“Amazing cockroach removal service! My elderly mother had roaches all over her apartment from unclean neighbors. Eco handled the cockroach infestation safely, effectively, and affordably.” – Karen D., Victoria Park

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