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Effective Ant Removal in Western Australia

Ant Control Perth

Do you have an ant problem in your Perth home? Ants can invade houses and become a nuisance if left untreated. At Eco Pest Control, we specialize in ant control services for Perth homeowners. We have over 10 years of experience eliminating all types of ant infestations.

Ants are more than just a nuisance. Some bite, while others can transmit diseases or cause structural damage if left unchecked. An infestation can quickly grow out of control, but we have the expertise to eradicate them in and around your home. We use eco-friendly treatments tailored to the type of ants on your property. Our affordable ant treatments are also safe to use around children and pets.

Our licensed and insured technicians will thoroughly inspect your property to locate all ant nests. We apply a combination of baits, sprays, dusts and granules designed specifically for them. Our goal is to eliminate the entire colony. We even offer a warranty, if they reappear, we’ll come back out for a free retreat.

Don’t wait for what seems like a minor ant problem to become a major headache.

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Our Method of Treatments

We use an integrated pest management approach to ant control that is safe, effective and environmentally responsible. We use several treatment methods to eliminate issues depending on the species, nest location and other factors.

Granular Baiting Systems

We apply ant bait granules around the exterior perimeter of your home. Worker ants bring the bait back to the their hill to eliminate them all.

Residual Spray Treatments

We use both repellent and non-repellent residual insecticide sprays in targeted areas where they are trailing and nesting.

Insecticidal Dust Applications

For certain species, we apply a fine insecticidal dust into wall voids, crawlspaces, under slabs and other nesting areas that are difficult to reach.

By combining several ways, we can control heavy problems that single treatments may not eliminate. Our technicians have advanced knowledge of ants and behavior to target them as effectively as possible while keeping your family safe.

Common Ant Species Found In Perth

Coastal Brown Ant

Also called big-headed ant, this is one of the most widespread kinds in Perth. Workers range from 2-4.5mm long. They prefer to stay outdoors but march indoors for sweet food and water.

Black Ant

These tiny black measuring 2.5-3mm long infest gardens and mulched areas. They also burrow in walls or under slabs and trek indoors for sweets.

Argentine Ant

This invasive pest is originally from South America. It measures just 1.5-3mm long. It prefers moist areas outdoors but come indoors during wet weather.

Bull Ant

Large ant at 18-30mm long have a painful sting. It builds underground mounds in gardens, yards, parks and golf courses. Its aggression makes them difficult to control.

Signs of Infestation

  • Ant Trails – Seeing organized lines of ants marching along floors, countertops or the exterior of your place signals an active ant colony nearby.
  • Ant Mounds – Some species create visible mounds of loose soil, sand or wood particles on lawns that contain the central hub.
  • Flying Ants – During certain times of the year, winged ants emerge from mature outpost and can end up swarming indoors.
  • Stinging – Red, black or bull ants infesting your property may bite or sting family members while outdoors.
  • Property Damage – Coastal brown and white ants or termites tunnel into wood construction over time, compromising fences or exterior landscaping.

Tips to Prevent Ants in Perth

  1. Eliminate Food Sources – Keep counters, floors and outdoor areas free of crumbs and spills they exploit as meal. Promptly clean dishes and take out trash.
  2. Seal Cracks & Crevices – Caulk or seal any small openings around windows, doors, pipes and foundations blocking entry points.
  3. Manage Moisture – Fix plumbing leaks, avoid excess landscape irrigation and ventilate damp crawl spaces they are drawn to.
  4. Store Food in Sealable Containers – Keep human and pet food sealed tight so tempting aromas don’t attract scout ants.
  5. Apply Ant Baits – Use boric acid or borax-based baits around the exterior house foundation where allowed.
  6. Diatomaceous Earth – This abrasive dust sprinkled in garden beds, under appliances etc cuts up ants.
  7. Keep Yard Tidy – Prune touching branches, move debris or mulch away from structures and keep plants trimmed back reducing nesting sites.

Tips to Prevent Ants in Perth

Services We Offer

  • Thorough inspection
  • Targeted Baiting
  • Indoor and outdoor treatment options
  • Perimeter spraying

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  • Cost-effective ant extermination
  • Caring, professional controller
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