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Silverfish Control Perth

Have you noticed those slithering insects scattering when you turn on the lights at night? Finding them hiding in your pantry or creeping around other damp areas of your home? We’re talking about gross little silverfish. We know dealing with a silverfish infestation makes your skin crawl. At Eco Pest Control Perth, we completely understand silverfish drive us buggy too!

With over a decade getting rid of these pests, we’ve perfected effective silverfish control solutions to keep them from crawling back. We’re licensed and know exactly how to get rid of them fast, even in the trickiest places.

Our customers are bug-free and happy.

Read on to learn insider secrets on extermination or call now to schedule affordable removal services guaranteed to send them packing for good!

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Our Experience and Expertise

For over 10 years, we’ve specialised in effective and affordable silverfish control. Our licensed techs use the latest methods to eliminate infestations.

It Cause Major Damage

Left untreated, they can:

  • Ruin fabrics, paperwork, photos
  • Contaminate storage
  • Spread bacteria
  • Be difficult to fully remove yourself

Our Treatment

We use high-quality pesticides and precise application techniques to get rid of them while keeping your family safe.

Treatments We Offer:

  • Spot treatments
  • Crack and crevice sprinkle
  • Growth regulators
  • Outdoor barrier sprays
  • Attic fogging
  • Full home heat treatments

We create customised plans to wipe out silverfish based on the infestation’s severity. Fast, effective results.

What You Should Know About Silverfish

  • They are creepy-looking prehistoric pest that love to invade homes searching for meal. Getting rid of them for good requires professional control.
  • These bothersome bugs have existed almost unchanged for over 400 million years. They are named for their quick, fish-like movements and metallic appearance.
  • They belong to the Thysanura order of wingless insects. Their long, flat bodies have scales and two antennae. While harmless to humans, they can cause serious effects as they feed.
  • These scary-looking pests love dark, humid spots like attics, basements, bathrooms, kitchens, and closets. They come out at night to scavenge for edible materials.
  • These are feed on starchy foods like flour, cereal, bread, pasta, glue, fabrics, and even photos or articles. They chew irregular holes and can destroy irreplaceable items.
  • Part of what makes themso stubborn to eliminate are their durability and fast reproduction cycle. Females lay up to 60 eggs at a time that hatch in just 2-3 weeks.

To successfully get rid of silverfish, you need an expert inspection to locate infestation hotspots, precision treatments of those areas, and follow-up visits to ensure elimination. That’s why calling a professional is crucial.

Silverfish Pest Control Perth

Most Common Silverfish Species

In Perth homes, you’ll usually find either:

  • Ctenolepisma longicaudata
  • Lepisma saccharina

Signs of Infestation

Watch for these common signs to catch silverfish early:

  • Seeing silverfish on carpet, wall, and clothing
  • Tiny holes in fabric/paper
  • Hollowed out book bindings
  • Containers with small holes

Eliminating Silverfish Completely

Getting rid of them for good requires professional treatment:

  • Inspection to find infestation hotspots
  • Targeted treatments of those areas
  • Follow-up visits to ensure elimination

Controlling moisture and removing food sources prevents future infestations between treatments.

DIY vs Professional Silverfish Control

DIY have limited success on severe infestations. Our customised professional treatments eliminate them.

Our Silverfish Control Services

We offer comprehensive extermination services, including:

  • Free inspection and quotes
  • Precision treatments using latest methods
  • Structural modifications to deter silverfish
  • Moisture control
  • Sanitation recommendations
  • Full eradication guarantees
  • Ongoing prevention plans


How do you know you have silverfish?

Signs include seeing them, tiny fabric holes, bite marks on paper, and shed silverfish skins.

What attracts silverfish?

They feed on sugars and starches so residue can lead to infestations. Silverfish also need humid environments.

What’s the cost to get rid of silverfish?

Our treatments start at $125 for targeted spot spraying. Prices vary based on your home’s size and the infestation level. Call us for a free quote.


“Eco team quickly got rid of my silverfish problem. No more destroyed clothes or gross bugs hiding in my pantry!” – Sarah D., Inglewood

“I panicked when I found silverfish in my daughter’s room. Eco’s treatment worked fast without any harmful chemicals. I highly recommend them!” – Tom W., Burswood

“Silverfish bugs were all over our new home. Eco promptly came out, explained everything, and took care of it. We’re silverfish free thanks to their great service!” – beats Kopacek

Silverfish Control Services

Get Rid of Silverfish for Good

Don’t live with creepy silverfish another day!

Call Eco Pest Control in Perth now at 08 7744 5555 for fast, effective removal treatments!

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Our silverfish pest control services use the latest methods to safely eliminate infestations. We provide customised steps including:

  • Inspection to find all nesting spots
  • Targeted treatments to kill silverfish
  • Preventative moisture control
  • Ongoing protection to keep them out

We have cutting-edge tools and training to get rid of silverfish completely. Our customers enjoy pest-free homes thanks to our guaranteed results.