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Sick of flea bites? Tired of these active pests plaguing your home? If jumping fleas have taken over, you’re not alone. They can make life unbearable for people and pets. We know how frustrating these tiny vampires can be. At Eco Pest Control Perth, flea control is our specialty.

For over 10 years, we’ve helped many homeowners banish them once and for all. Our licensed technicians use proven methods to get rid of them. We’ll keep treating until every last number is gone.

While sprays and foggers help short-term, they keep coming back. Our treatments fix the root cause so they don’t return. We treat indoor and outdoor hiding spots other methods miss. Pest prevention is also key.

Say goodbye to irritating bites!

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Our Experience and Expertise

With over a decade of experience, our licensed technicians have what it takes to eliminate flea infestations. We stay up-to-date on the latest products and treatment methods to ensure your satisfaction. You can trust us to get the job done quickly and effectively.

The Trouble

They can cause significant issues if left untreated:

  • Itchy and irritated skin for pets and humans
  • Potential infections from scratching bites
  • Anemia in pets from its bites over time
  • Tapeworm transmission to pets if they ingest infected fleas

Our Solution – How We Treat Them

We create customised treatment plans which may include:

  • Fogging with insect growth regulators to kill all period
  • Spot treatments with pet-safe, EPA-approved insecticides
  • Indoor/outdoor spraying to reach hiding spots
  • Follow-up applications to prevent re-infestations

About Fleas

They are tiny, wingless parasites that feed on the blood of animals and humans. They can quickly infest homes and cause significant nuisance.

Common Species

There are several flea species to be aware of:

Cat Fleas: The most common variety that live on cats, dogs and sometimes people. They are difficult to control.

Dog Fleas: Prefer to feed on dogs but will bite humans and cats. These are prolific breeders.

Human: Rare in Australia, they nest in beds and furniture before biting people.

Signs of Infestation

  • Small dark droppings
  • Bites around ankles and legs
  • Tapeworm segments near pet’s hindquarters
  • Presence of fleas jumping on surfaces

How to Get Rid of Them

When facing an infestation, many attempt DIY removal with store-bought sprays, foggers, powders and its collars or medicine. However, these methods rarely work as well or as quickly as professional flea pest control solution.

Here’s why our services are more effective:

DIY Flea Control Drawbacks:

  • Messy and time-intensive process
  • Often misses key infestation areas
  • Flea eggs can remain dormant before rehatching
  • Rarely kills at all pest life stages
  • Risk of overapplying or misusing chemicals

Our Treatment Advantages:

  • 10+ years experience locating all infested zones
  • Powerful commercial-grade solutions
  • Specialized spray equipment reaches hidden spots
  • Pet-safe products approved by authorities
  • Treat outdoors to prevent re-entry and breeding
  • Follow-up applications to kill newly hatched fleas
  • Positive customer reviews support our expertise

Do yourself a favor and let the professional exterminator tackle your flea problem. With Eco Pest Control, you can expect fast and lasting results. We eliminate current adult fleas and ensure they don’t return once evicted. Contact us to schedule service!

Flea Control Services

  • One-time treatments
  • Quarterly prevention
  • Customised flea removal packages
  • Pet-friendly topical and oral preventatives
  • Yard spraying
  • Attic fogging
  • Flea bombs/foggers


How long does it take to get rid of fleas?

With our types of flea treatment methods, they die within hours, but eggs can hatch over months. Follow-up is key. We’ll keep treating until they’re gone.

What’s the fastest way to kill fleas?

Fogging with insect growth regulators. This kills them rapidly at all phase. Vacuuming alone won’t work.

Should I bomb my house for fleas?

Insect bombs only treat exposed areas. Our liquid formulations treat cracks and crevices bombs miss. For severe cases, fogging is faster and more effective.

Can fleas spread disease to my body?

Yes, they can pass on illnesses like typhus, plague, and bartonellosis. Their bites also raise the risk of hair loss and skin infections if you scratch. Get rid of them fast by calling us.

Should I vacuum my home to ease the itching?

Vacuuming kills some, but it’s not enough. Eggs and larvae in carpets and furniture still hatch later. Our treatments reach where vacuums don’t to end the cycle. But regular vacuuming and washing bedding does help reduce bites.


“Eco’s flea control expert eliminated our horrible problem quickly and kept them from returning. Our dog is so much happier now without hopper biting her.”

“We used DIY sprays and flea bombs but could never get rid of all the fleas in our property until we hired Eco company. Their host flea control treatment completely rid our home of the pests.”

“I’m glad we went with a professional flea control service instead of attempting removal ourselves. Eco’s pet-friendly treatment was well worth the cost for flea-free living environment!”

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