White Ants Control Perth

Finding white ants in your home can be extremely unsettling. These sneaky pests can cause serious structural damage if left unchecked. After over 10 years of helping homeowners deal with white ant infestations, we understand how stressful and disruptive these invasions can be.

At Eco Pest Control Perth, we use proven treatment methods that both eliminate range of ant colonies at the source and prevent future ones from attacking your buildings. Our customised plans tackle infestations inside and out through liquid sprays, foams, baits, granules and more. We even identify entry points and seal them shut to keep your premise resilient against reinfestations.

What truly sets us apart is our years of expertise specifically targeting hard-to-reach white ant nests. If you spot signs like mud tunnels, discarded wings or wood damage, don’t delay!

Give us a call right away. Our licensed techs will inspect and assess your situation thoroughly, crafting a reasonable plan to get rid of insects fast.

Let us put our specialty knowledge and solutions to work restoring your property’s safety and comfort.

Our Experience and Expertise with White Ants

With over a decade of experience, our licensed technicians have an in-depth knowledge of white ant behaviors, nesting habits, and control methods. We stay up-to-date on the latest treatment innovations to best eradicate infestations.

The Trouble with White Ants

Left untreated, white ants can cause severe termite damage as they feed on wood. Their tunnels also allow water intrusion and mold growth. We use both barrier and direct spray treatments to eliminate colonies inside and outdoors.

Our Solution – How We Treat

We offer interior and exterior liquid sprays, granules, baits, dusts and foams containing fipronil or bifenthrin for whole-structure protection. Non-toxic choices are also available. Treatments are tailored to your situation for maximum effectiveness.

About White Ants

White ants belong to the termite family. Despite their name, they are not closely related to ants. There are several species in Australia known to attack wooden structures.

Common Species

The most common white ant pests are Mastotermes darwiniensis, Coptotermes acinaciformis and Schedorhinotermes sp. Their large colonies can go unnoticed until major damage is done.

Signs of Infestation

Look for mud tunnels ascending foundations, hollowed wood, discarded wings, and small piles of soil particles near wood sources. Catching white ants early greatly limits destruction.

How To Get Rid Of White Ants

In most cases, whole-structure fumigation delivers the best results. We also use directed liquid sprays, granules, foams and baits for more localised termite infestations. Stopping them as early as possible is key.

DIY Versus Professional

While DIY sprays may seem cheaper, they rarely eliminate entire nests. Our customized, multi-tactic plans tackle the entire colony inside and out, essential for preventing recurrent attacks.

Our White Ants Control Services

  • Interior and exterior liquid spray treatments
  • Non-toxic treatment options
  • Fipronil-based chemicals
  • Whole-structure fumigation
  • Foam and gel injections
  • Granules and bait stations
  • Nest excavation and wood replacement
  • Annual Termite Inspection
  • Termite Barrier Installation


How do you know if I have white ants?

We conduct thorough inspections checking interior and exterior, including crawl spaces and attics. We look for physical signs like mud tunnels, discarded wings, wood damage.

What chemicals do you use for white ant treatment?

We use fipronil and bifenthrin-based sprays, foams, gels and granules. Termite treatment plans are tailored to each structure and infestation extent.

Why choose professionals over DIY methods?

Our customised, whole-structure treatments target entire nests/colonies inside and out. DIY rarely achieves the thoroughness needed for elimination.

Do your white ant treatments come with a warranty?

Yes, our white ant control plans have a satisfaction guarantee – if ants return after treatment, we’ll come address it at no charge.

Can you treat white ants in walls or timber structures?

Yes, our liquid Termidor treatments can eliminate white ants nesting in walls, floors, roof voids and structural timbers in houses and commercial buildings.


“The white ants had badly damaged our floor joists before Eco white ant pest control was called in. Their treatment and repair plan got things fully fixed up and prevented further termite activity attacks.”

“We first noticed something was wrong when mud tunnels appeared along our foundation. I’m so glad the team from Eco were available promptly to assess and treat the white ant problem.”

“Highly recommend Eco’s white ant barrier treatments in Western Australia! They guided us through the entire process with great expertise while keeping disruption minimal.”

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