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Wasps aggressively guard nests and will sting without warning. Their stings can cause major swelling or even life-threatening effects. Hidden nests at your home put everyone at risk whenever you step outside. Ignoring them allows the problem to become worse. Eco Pest Control Perth specialises in wasp control and destroying their nests around your property. We use customised, eco-friendly solutions to get rid of these pests for good.

With over 10 years of experience, our licensed techs use the modern tools and treatments to destroy any wasp nests on your property. We guarantee effective control so you can enjoy your yard again.

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Our Experience and Expertise

With over a decade of experience, the pest technicians at Eco Pest Control have developed in-depth knowledge in removing nests and implementing effective wasp control around Perth area homes and businesses. We are fully licensed and insured to perform removal for your peace of mind.

Our team has removed thousands of wasp colony from eaves, trees, meter boxes, and other challenging locations. We approach every infestation with customised steps backed by our proven methodology for getting rid of them thoroughly and safely. Our work is also protected – if you ever spot a bee on your property after our treatments, we will return and address the wasp issue.

Through our expertise, we get the job done right the first time. No more need to live with the nuisance of stingers on your property or worry about wasp stings.

The Trouble

  • Painful stings
  • Allergic reactions
  • Aggressive nest defense
  • Stings most common around homes

They can pose safety risks around the home with their deadly stings and aggressive nest defense. At Eco Pest Control Perth, we offer effective solutions for safe wasp removal and prevention.

Our Wasp Nest Removal Solutions

  • Fast and effective treatments
  • Insecticide dust and spray
  • Nest removal and cleanup
  • Preventative wasp treatments

We use modern treatment methods focused on responsible wasp control. Our techs eliminate nests while protecting your family and the environment.

Common Wasp Species

  • European wasp
  • Australian yellow paper wasp
  • European hornet
  • Yellow jacket wasp

It’s important to know exactly what species of wasps you are dealing with when removing nests from your property. Preventing future infestations relies on identifying species correctly and removing nest of wasps thoroughly.

Signs of Wasp Infestation

  • Flying around home
  • Nest visible on eaves
  • Multiple stings or sightings of pairs of wings
  • Cavities in walls

Detecting early signs of them nesting on your property is crucial. Contact our team quickly at the first sight of increased activity so we can take care of it promptly and properly.

How We Get Rid of Them

  • Inspect property
  • Locate and identify nest
  • Apply fast-acting insecticide treatment
  • Remove and dispose of nest
  • Follow up prevention service

DIY Control vs Professional

  • Faster, more effective treatments
  • Expert knowledge
  • Proper safety equipment/training
  • Environmentally responsible steps
  • Satisfaction guarantee

Wasp Control Services

  • Wasp nest inspection
  • Nest removal and relocation
  • Fast knockdown insecticide treatments
  • Prevention and exclusion services

From start to finish, we provide comprehensive services focused on your safety gear and convenience. Then we offer ongoing protection against future infestations all year long.


How do you remove a wasp nest?

We use insecticide dust or spray to kill them first, then remove and dispose of the nest.

When are wasps most active?

Spring and summer when establishing new nests.

What attracts wasps in Western Australia?

Sugary meals, fruits, meats, open trash cans. Manage these food sources.

Which wasp has black stripe?

European paper wasp has it and sweet smell.

Are your byproducts safe?

Yes, we use safe products for pets and families when approved for outdoor home use.


“Eco’s wasp pest control service got rid of our wasp attack problem so quickly! No more getting stung when we go outside.” – Jane, Perth

“Thanks for removing that huge nest from our roof. We really appreciate the great service.” – Sam, Innaloo

“Good value and effective process for wasp control. Would recommend this company.” – Lisa, Duncraig

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