Bee Control Perth

Unwanted bees on your Perth property can upset your family’s summer fun. Who wants to get stung while enjoying their own backyard? That annoying buzz also ruins your ability to relax outside. At Eco Pest Control Perth, bee control is what we do best.

For over 10 years, we have helped homeowners take back their yards from invasions. Our licensed technicians know all the best tricks for getting rid of them quickly and safely. We even guarantee you’ll be 100% happy with our work.

We are proud that our treatments protect your garden and landscaping while humanely moving them elsewhere. And our clients rave about our friendly, skilled service at an affordable price.

Don’t wait for another painful sting.

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Our Experience and Expertise with Bees

With over 10 years of experience, our licensed bee control technicians have an unmatched expertise when it comes to bee removal company in Perth. We know all the common species that frequent this region and the most effective, environmentally-responsible solution for eliminating hive problem on residential and commercial properties.

The Trouble

While not always aggressive, wide range of bees can pose risks with their painful stings and ability to bee swarm in the thousands. Hives located close to your home put you and your family’s health and comfort at risk. Left untreated, large problem can also damage infrastructure and reduce your ability to safely use and enjoy your outdoor living areas.

Our Bee Control Solution

At us, we use steps like vacuum extraction to remove nests along with approved pesticides when necessary to eliminate hive at the source. Our technicians are specially trained to remove them humanely whenever possible while preventing future groups from forming. From single scouts to established hives with thousands of bees, our experts have the cutting-edge tools and hands-on experience required to solve your problem.

Common Bee Species We Remove

  • European Honey Bees
  • Native Stingless
  • Bumblebees

Signs of Infestation

Seeing a few isolated bees now and then around your premise is normal. But you likely have a problem requiring professional service if you notice:

  • Large numbers congregating
  • Entering holes on cavity walls or crevices
  • New honeycomb and hives developing
  • Increased activity as seasons change

DIY Bee Control vs Professional Service

While home remedies like smoke or vinegar spray might temporarily push them away, true elimination of a hive requires tactical expertise. Our technicians employ proven steps to safely locate and destroy colonies and prevent new hives from forming. Don’t risk get stung trying to tackle them yourself – let our decades of experience solve your problem!

Bee Control Services We Offer

  • Vacuum hive extraction
  • Strategic nest removal
  • Approved pesticide application
  • Hive prevention measures
  • Routine hive inspections
  • Free removal estimates

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can you get rid of my bees?

Our experienced techs can often eliminate small scout bee problems immediately. For established hives, we target complete removal within 3 days but complex problems role may take longer.

Will your services harm my garden or landscaping?

Absolutely not. We utilise environmentally-sensitive products and solutions focused on them, not your plants. Any pesticides are specially designed to target only insects.

What should I do if I get stung?

Seek medical attention if you experience a severe reaction. Otherwise, remove the stinger, wash the area, apply ice, and take over-the-counter pain medication as needed.

Satisfied Clients Testimonials

“So happy I called Eco to get rid of the giant bee hive growing on my shed. Their team showed up with all the right protective gear and products and eliminated every last one quickly and efficiently. Haven’t seen a single wasp since they treated my vicinity 2 months ago!”

  • Sarah D., Lesmurdie

“I was nervous about pesticide use around my vegetable garden but Eco’s natural methods gave me total peace of mind. Excellent customer service all around. My yard is bee-free and all my plants are still thriving too!”

  • Mark T., South Perth

“The technician who came out couldn’t have been nicer or more knowledgeable about safely relocating a scout problem I had developing near my front porch. I’ll definitely call Eco Pest Control company again if I ever have another native bee or wasp in the future.”

  • Lauren J., Midland

Don’t Let Bees Hamper Your Ability to Enjoy Your Home

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