10 Reasons You Need A Termite Barrier To Protect Your Home

Termites. Just hearing that word is enough to make any homeowner shudder. These silent destroyers can wreak havoc on your most valuable investment – your home. But don’t panic, there are solutions.

Installing a professional termite barrier can help prevent an infestation and protect your home from structural damage. Here are 10 compelling reasons why every homeowner needs to consider this vital safeguard:

1. Termites Cause Billions in Home Damages Annually

Each year in the Australia alone, termites cause over $1 billion in property damages. Left unchecked, a small colony can grow into a full-blown infestation that can rapidly destroy framing, flooring, furniture, and more. A barrier serves as the first line of defense to prevent costly damages.

2. Termites Feed 24/7 and Are Rarely Detected

These stealthy insects feed constantly on cellulose materials and can chew through up to one foot of wood per year. They tend to stay hidden within walls, floors, or foundations where it’s difficult to detect them. Regular inspections help, but a barrier provides added protection.

3. You May Have Termites Already and Not Know It

Many homeowners are shocked to find out they’ve had an active termite infestation for years without realising it. They often enter through small cracks in the slab foundation. Stop them before they get in with a complete barrier.

4. Termites Threaten Structural Integrity

As termites munch through wooden structural elements, they compromise the integrity of load-bearing walls, floors, roof rafters, and more. This can lead to instability, collapse hazards, and very expensive repairs. Barriers protect the structure.

5. Termites Can Spread Quickly

If even a few termites gain entry, the termite colony can grow rapidly. Mature colonies may contain several hundred thousand termites. The sooner you encircle your home with a barrier, the better.

6. You May Have No Signs Until It’s Too Late

Often there are no visible signs of termites until major damage is already done. You could have an active infestation and not even see tiny mud tubes or swarms. Don’t wait for visible damages before taking preventative action.

7. Termites Swarm to Start New Colonies

When mature termites take flight to find mates and start new colonies, it triggers more infestations nearby. A barrier blocks these reproductive swarms from infiltrating your home.

8. Termites Can Come Up From the Ground

Subterranean termites enter from the ground through cracks in foundations and concrete slabs. They can also build sheltered tubes up exterior walls to gain access. A barrier keeps them from breaching vulnerable entry points.

9. Neighboring Homes May Have Termites

Even if your house seems clear, neighboring properties could harbor termites that may spread to your home. A barrier helps guard against migrating termites from nearby infested areas.

10. Termite Barriers are Affordable Protection

Compared to the devastation termite damage can inflict, investing in preventative treatment is extremely affordable. Professional termite barrier systems provide vital protection at a fraction of the cost of repairs.

Explore Your Barrier Options

While no home is 100% immune to termites, installing the right barrier system greatly reduces the risks. There are two main types to consider:

Physical Barriers: Physical termite barrier products create an impenetrable perimeter around the home. Examples include:

  • Termite shielding – metal mesh, sand barriers, gravel
  • Solid concrete foundation and slabs
  • Termite-resistant materials – concrete, steel, crushed glass

Chemical Barriers: Chemical termite barrier treatments create a toxic zone around the home’s exterior to repel and kill termites. For example:

  • Treated soil – Termidor, Premise, Phantom, Fipronil
  • Termite Bait stations – Sentricon, Advance, Hex-Pro
  • Wood treatments – borate powder, Tim-Bor, Bora-Care

For full protection against termite, a combination layered barrier approach is best. Consult with trained pest control experts to determine the right solution for your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the signs of termites?

Look for tubes, damaged timber, swarmers, hollowed lumber, sagging floors, and logs that sounds hollow when tapped. Even a single swarmer warrants annual inspection.

When is the best time to install a termite barrier?

The ideal time is during construction of a new home. For existing homes, install a barrier as soon as possible before signs of infestation. Spring is prime swarmer season.

How much does a termite barrier system cost?

Professional installation averages $1,200-$1,500 for a typical single-family house, depending on size and other factors. DIY kits are cheaper.

How long does a termite barrier last?

With professional chemical treatments, the barrier should last 5-10 years typically. Physical barriers like concrete last longer but require monitoring.

Should I do my own termite barrier or hire a pest control pros?

A pest control professional can customise the solution and ensure proper application. However, DIY options can save money for simple, smaller projects.

Are termite barriers guaranteed to keep my home pest-free?

No barrier offers 100% guarantee against termites. But properly installed systems provide the best odds of preventing infestations before they take hold.

Pro Tip: How to Avoid Attracting Termites

While barriers help block termites, you can also reduce conditions that attract them. termite attack when given access, moisture, and food. Make your home less inviting:

  • Fix any wetness issues like leaks that they seek out.
  • Store firewood, mulch, and debris far from the home’s perimeter. Don’t give them food.
  • Prune branches that touch or overhang the home.
  • Seal cracks in the foundation and openings around utilities.
  • Have an annual termite inspection by a reputable company.
  • Remove old tree stumps and roots on your property that provide meal.

Taking proactive steps to lower the appeal of your house to termites is wise. But also invest in a professional barrier as the best line of defense.


Take proactive steps today to shield your home from destructive termites. A professional termite barrier brings peace of mind and can prevent thousands in damages. Protect your valuable investment for years to come with these innovative termite deterrent solutions.