Top 10 Common House Pests

A List of the Most Prevalent Pests

Pests can be frustrating, disruptive, and even dangerous to our lives.

Eco Pest Control Perth often encounters high levels of pest infestations in homes across the Perth region.

Out of these various species of vermin, there are ten that stand out as the most common: cockroaches, spiders, ants, fleas, wasps and bees, flies, rodents, mosquitos, bed bugs, and lastly termites.

All these house pests have varying habits.

But all pose a potential safety and health risk if left unchecked.

Interested to learn more? Read on for some FAQs and tips.

1. Roach Rockers

Types of cockroaches like American cockroaches, Australian cockroaches, and German cockroaches are famous for their irritating presence in the home. It’s not uncommon to find roaches hiding away in unreachable places around our abodes. As far as cockroach infestations go, they’re actually quite resilient creatures that can withstand a good degree of hardship and still be able to reproduce quickly. Worse yet, these critters carry all sorts of bacteria on their bodies that may lead to serious health problems if left unattended. To reduce infestations, make sure you keep your house spotless with no food residues lying around. Pest control service providers can give expert advice on appropriate measures for handling cockroach problems.

2. Web Weavers

Spiders are definitely creepy crawlies that can get you jumping for the nearest can of bug spray. While they’re mostly just harmless arachnids, spider painful bites could prove to be dangerous. Some species even have venomous fangs that can cause paralysis and even death. It’s recommended to install a regular maintenance routine around your home perimeter to keep spider species like redback spiders, black-spot spiders, and white-tailed spiders away, such as setting an insecticide sprinkler or applying pest-proofing barriers like fly screens. Remember, too, it’s not just spider infestation itself. Watch out for their webs and egg sacs. If left unattended these too can become breeding grounds that will only encourage more unwelcome guests into your house. Professionals have the know-how for all your spider control needs.

3. Ants Nation

Ants like carpenter ants are pesky little critters you wish would just disappear. The wide variety of ants tend to have access to food like moths to the flame. So it’s important to keep a clean and hygienic place if one wishes to avoid regular invasions of these relentless six-legged beasts. They usually climb walls and eat leaves. Nowadays, there are plenty of ant control products available that can help curb infestations without breaking the bank. Professionals are well equipped with such measures designed specifically for getting rid of ants in a safe and legal way. Keep ants away. Keep your peace of mind.

4. Flea Frenzy

Fleas are some of the most annoying australian pests around. This can be cat fleas or dog fleas. Aside from causing allergies in certain individuals, these flea-bitten beasts can also take a toll on furry friends like cats and dogs, leading to constant itching and scratching. To prevent this, it’s critical to use integrated insect control methods that can help stave off infestations before they become an even bigger issue. It’s important to remember too that there can be other sources of infestation beyond our fur pals. Carpets and furniture play hosts too. So be sure to give professionals a call if you spot any signs of flea activity.

5. Sting Swing

Wasps like European wasps and paper wasps, and bees can be a real nuisance, especially during those summer months when most of us just want to relax outdoors. Of course, they’re vital for our pollination needs. But having them bumbling around in your immediate vicinity can be rather annoying. Not to mention dangerous if anyone has allergies. Fortunately, there are some simple strategies like using appropriate insect repellent sprays or setting out a bee trap where the little critters can aspire towards freedom as opposed to buzzing into our homes. Professionals offer specialist expertise in wasp nest removal and bee population control.

6. Fly Fandango

Those buzzing nuisances that just won’t seem to leave us alone. But buzz though they might, their potential for harboring bacteria is even greater. Dishwashers become breeding grounds for them. So keeping your water source and food containers properly sealed off and using insect sprays strategically placed around the kitchen are good strategies to reduce fly populations naturally. If all else fails, professionals offer a variety of options available to tackle these bugs from molting traps and sticky boards to electric insect zappers. Each comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. So it’s best done with the help of professionals.

7. Rodent Ruckus

Rodents such as mice and rats carry with them many diseases. So they certainly aren’t critters one would want in their home. Unfortunately, they pose a huge risk during the winter months when the weather starts to cool down. They usually eat up electrical wirings, electric cables, food spills, and clothes. During this time of the year, rodents tend to look for warm shelters and food sources which can lead them right into our homes. If you see a mouse or rat scurrying around your apartment, there’s probably more where that came from. Prevention is key here: sealing up any possible entry points and placing traps and baits in areas known for rodent activity can help keep these destructive pests at bay. For persistent problems, professionals have specially designed services that guarantee excellent results.

8. Mosquito Mayhem

Mosquitos are pretty annoying insects and common house insects that can really drain the joy out of summer nights. Aside from getting bitten, their bites also carry potential diseases that range from Malaria to Dengue Fever via human blood. Thus, it’s important to take the necessary steps to help keep them away from our homes and families. Setting screens up around windows is one cost-effective solution. Insect-repellent sprays and oils are also great options if used correctly and in an eco-conscious manner. Professionals have a range of solutions designed for repelling mosquitos both indoors and outdoors. So consider consulting with experts when dealing with this particularly pesky bug.

9. Bed Bug Busters

Bed bugs often need professional help with extermination due to their potentially difficult-to-see size and reproductive rate. They usually breed in mattress seam. Much like other wide range of pests, these blood-sucking beasts can nest in your house walls before you even realise it. The first step towards controlling these infestations is prevention: make sure you regularly inspect mattresses or other fabric furniture items for signs of bed bug activity such as eggs or faeces. If left unchecked they could quickly spread throughout your home. Proper pest management through expert eco services can help you win the war against this microscopic foe.

10. Termite Tango

Termites can be highly destructive creatures that silently cause unforeseen harm to your home’s wooden structure. Some of the most common species are subterranean termites and dry wood termites. Out of all these common pests, they present one of the greatest threats when it comes to property damage as termite colonies can rapidly multiply and consume great amounts of wood in a short timeframe. Certainly, not something we want to have happening inside our own homes. Regular inspections by professionals are key here. Also, moisture reduction techniques such as proper drainage or weatherproofing in combination with targeted chemical treatments can go a long way in keeping these critters away from your abode. Professional specialises in offering effective solutions for stopping termite infestations in their tracks.


How do I prevent pest infestations in my home?

Prevention is always the best method to employ when it comes to pest control. Make sure your house is regularly cleaned and free of any food residue, avoid overgrown gardens or plants near windows and doors as these provide shelter for vermin, use insecticides whenever necessary and maintain a regular inspection protocol with professionals.

How do I get rid of insects that are already in my home?

If you’ve noticed an infestation brewing inside your house then it’s best to consult with experts who can help apply the appropriate measures. Depending on which common household pest, there are a variety of extermination and barrier control methods that professionals can gladly recommend. Additionally, using pesticides carefully and lawfully may also prove effective against annoying critters such as cockroaches or ants.

What kind of damage can annoying pests cause to my home?

This really depends on which type of pest we’re talking about here. For example, termites are notorious for their ability to clandestinely devour timber structures within a short time span. Something that might cost serious amounts of money in repairs if left unattended. Every species presents its own set of challenges. So it’s best to contact the professionals who will be able to provide specialised advice concerning your case.


Pests, big or small, can prove to be a nuisance in any home space.

It’s important to employ integrated pest management strategies to ensure our safety and the hygiene of our houses from these unwanted guests.

But it’s not only us who benefit: by using eco-friendly systems and solutions we’re protecting our environment as well from potential harm caused by uncontrolled use of insecticides or other chemicals.

Professionals will happily provide specialised advice for each individual case.

So don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need assistance.